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As a beginner, I'd like to "first open a DOS command line in the directory" where the MultiChain executables are installed. When I just open a cmd in Windows, it does not recognise the command "multichain-util create chain1" as "multichain-util" is not an internal or external command. Where is the directory in which the MultiChain executables are installed?
asked Oct 31, 2017 by BegiBeginner

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Multichain provides a zip file of executable, you will have to extract its contents to your chosen directory, and run multichain-util from the extracted directory.. Or include the directory in your PATH. All the best.. 

By default, it will be in your Downloads directory.... 


answered Nov 1, 2017 by saravana
Thanks for the answer, but my question is indeed about "the extracted directory". I have extracted contents of the zip file, but it did not ask me where to extract and did not let me know where they are extracted. They are not also in my Downloads directory.
I was wondering if you tell me how to find this directory (where the files of Multichain zip file are extracted).
You can give a search for multichain-util.exe and find the directory.
If you used Windows built-in functionality to extract the contents of the directory, the extracted directory should be alongside the original .zip download.

In any event you can also use the search function of Windows to look for it – for example search for multichaind.
I've been away for a while.... There are 5 files in the zip file including 1 README file and 4 executable files. I assume that I need to execute these files. Is this correct? I have executed them. Simply a cmd window is shown and it seems that some files are being copied quickly. Then, the cmd window closes. Now, what should I do? Is the MultiChain now installed on my computer? It's not shown in my Control Panel.
I'm struggling with the very first step. Please help me.
1. go to Command Prompt ( run cmd)
2. go to the directory where the multichain exes are ...(ex.:  cd c:\multichain)
3. and run multichain-util to create the chain..  multichain-util create chain
To all future beginners
There is no installation at all! You only need to extract the zip file and straightforward go to cmd and use the address in which you have extracted the zip file. That's it! No installation after extraction!
My understanding was wrong! I thought that after extracting the zip file, I need to install the extracted exe files (and I couldn't).
All the best
i have followed these steps in ubuntu app in windows. I was able to create chain. but coulnot start it.
anju@DESKTOP-FFAFKFO:/mnt/c/Users/RAM/multichain-2.3.1-enterprise-demo$ multichain-util create chain1

MultiChain 2.3.1 Utilities (latest protocol 20013)

Cannot create chain parameter set, file /home/anju/.multichain/chain1/params.dat already exists
ERROR: Blockchain parameter set was not generated.
anju@DESKTOP-FFAFKFO:/mnt/c/Users/RAM/multichain-2.3.1-enterprise-demo$ multichaind chain1 -daemon
multichaind: command not found

can you help with this error