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Hi Multichain folks,

Can you let me know what the various options for "action" for createrawsendfrom? I've been reading the docs and I've come across: "send", "sign" and "lock".

"sign" is used when private-key management is done off the multichain wallet, but I also see "lock" being used in the context of locking vouts used in atomic exchange transactions, but the transaction still being signed by an externally managed private key. 

When should I use "sign" vs "lock" and are there any other actions?


asked Sep 19, 2017 by StevenChan

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sign is used to sign the transaction using the wallet, and this can't be done if the private key is external.

lock locks the outputs spent in the transaction's inputs so they won't be auto-selected by any other API call.

send sends the transaction (after signing it automatically)

answered Sep 20, 2017 by MultiChain
selected Sep 20, 2017 by StevenChan