createrawsendfrom without importaddress

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Is it possible to send an asset from an address using createrawsendfrom and external key management that is not watched by the wallet? e.g. Send without previously calling importaddress

Up to now its been working as long as the address is imported but when removed I get the following error:

-709, from-address is not found in this wallet

Was trying to keep the UTXO Count on the wallet down

asked Jul 25, 2018 by John

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You cannot use createrawsendfrom unless you are tracking the UTXOs for that address (since createrawsendfrom needs to select from those UTXOs when building the new transaction). However if you want to track UTXOs externally you can use createrawtransaction instead.

answered Jul 25, 2018 by MultiChain
selected Jul 26, 2018 by John