'issuefrom' performed with 'createrawsendfrom'

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In General: I have problems understanding in detail how "issue" in createrawsendfrom works.

More specific: I want to perform
issuefrom 1... 4... {"name":"assetname","open":false} 1 1 0 {"description":"Here goes info"}

with createrawsendfrom

I read "Working with raw transactions" - Issuing assets where it says:

createrawsendfrom 1... '{"1...":{"issue":{"raw":2000}},"1...":{"issue":{"raw":3000}}}' '[{"create":"asset","name":"asset8","multiple":10,"open":true,"details":{"origin":"uk","stage":"one"}}]'

but I have no idea what parameters are possible there and what they mean. I couldn't find a detailled description either. I also want to know how to realize parameters that are possible with issuefrom (especially  quantity, smallest-unit, native-amount and custom-fields) in createrawsendfrom.

Where can I look that up? And how would the issuefrom I posted in the beginning look like as createrawsendfrom?


Thanks for your help!


asked Aug 8, 2018 by zolar

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Fair question! If you use createrawsendfrom, you'll be expressing asset quantities in raw (integer) units rather than display units. So in the example you posted:

  • The issued quantity would be 500 (total "raw" values divided by "multiple")
  • The smallest unit would be 0.1 (1 divided by "multiple")
  • The native amount would be zero because you didn't send any native currency in the transaction built with createrawsendfrom
  • The custom fields would be {"origin":"uk","stage":"one"}, as per the "details" field.
Please post a comment if anything is still not clear.
answered Aug 8, 2018 by MultiChain
selected Aug 9, 2018 by zolar
Thanks for the great explanation! :)
One thing maybe: Are "create", "name", "multiple", "open" and "details" all possible parameters in createrawsendfrom? If not, is there an overview/list for all these parameters?