Publish limit of createrawsendfrom

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While doing publish to a stream with createrawsendfrom the command returns

error code: -26
error message:
64: multi-op-return

if I have more than 31 publish items per the transaction,

for 31 transactions it works fine, but above that the error is thrown.

Can we increase this limit?
asked Dec 7, 2019 by Danish

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This is determined by the max-std-op-returns-count blockchain parameter. You can set this to up to 1024 if you are creating a new blockchain, or use the upgrade mechanism to change it on an existing one:

Please note that, to prevent abrupt changes in blockchain performance, each upgrade can no more than double this parameter from its previous value. So you might need to use a few upgrades in a row.

answered Dec 8, 2019 by MultiChain