Even 'admin' cannot subscribe/publish to read & write restricted stream

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I created a stream with name sun in a chain wheree I am the owner/admin:

$ create stream sun '{"restrict":"write,read"}'

I got created.But when I try to subscribe to this stream it get following error:

This feature is only available in MultiChain Enterprise: Subscribing to read-restricted stream

And when I tried publishing, it gave me this error:

Publishing onchain items is not allowed to this stream

So, is there any way for admin/owner of the stream & chain to subscribe, read and write to this stream without opting for Enterprise edition?


asked Sep 11, 2019 by prashantnagawade

1 Answer

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The ability to publish and subscribe to read-restricted streams is only available in MultiChain Enterprise. You can download a free demo of MultiChain Enterprise here:

answered Sep 12, 2019 by MultiChain