Why does 'Multi Chain Explorer' stop?

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In my multi-chain properties, block time is 60 seconds. And in a multi-chain, catch_up_tx_interval is 30 seconds. Also use crontab to run --no-serve every minute. And run the web with --no-load.

The --no-load process is alive, but the web stops working.

Give me a solution please

Thank you
asked Aug 22, 2017 by minsoonss

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It sounds like you are spawning multiple copies of the --no-serve instance, without each previous one quitting. Please try running just one type of each instance, without cron, instead. You may need to to stop some of the previous instances first, or just reboot the server.

answered Aug 23, 2017 by MultiChain
Thanks for posting that. This looks like a problem in Python's web serving code rather than something in the MultiChain Explorer code. You might want to try upgrading Python or else looking on Stack Overflow for some answers. For example: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20568216/python-handling-socket-error-errno-104-connection-reset-by-peer
The above problem is different from the problem I had first.
My problem is that as the web page is being refreshed, it loops without getting the data. And no error occurs.
Can you use a Network debugger in your browser to see what is going on? What requests are being sent?
when stop the explorer, I saw network debugger in my browser
then 'recent?random=0.5544808015787435' these requests are steadily occur but page is stop. The page is refreshing
requset status is pending
Those repeated requests (so long as the random number changes) is expected behavior. I do not know why the page is coming up empty in your browser. If you want you can share a link to your blockchain explorer and we can take a look.