I had the same Question about the custom names for the source files.

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I tried renaming the executables but they do not work. I get this:

  multichain-util create <blockchain-name>  ( <protocol-version> = 10008 ) [options]        Creates new multichain configuration file /home/ubuntu/.multichain/<blockchain-name>/params.dat with default parameters
  multichain-util clone <old-blockchain-name> <new-blockchain-name> [options]               

Creates new multichain configuration file /home/ubuntu/.multichain/<new-blockchain-name>/params.dat copying parameters from /home/ubuntu/.multichain/<old-blockchain-name>/params.dat

  -datadir=<dir>                              Specify data directory
  -<parameter-name>=<parameter-value>         Specify blockchain parameter value, e.g. -anyone-can-connect=true
asked Aug 4, 2017 by anonymous

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This is just the help message that is displayed when you run the executable without parameters, and it doesn't mean that the executable won't work under its new name. Just try following the regular instructions and tutorials, replacing the original executable name with the name that you renamed it to.
answered Aug 5, 2017 by MultiChain