I have a question about API settxfee.

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Hello, Multichain developers

native-currency-multiple is 100000000 and minimum-relay-fee is 1000000 in params.dat.

Therefore the minimum fee is  0.01.

I found that the fee is less than 0.01 if i set a value less than 0.01 using settxfee. (ex: 0.00372)


According to the answer here, There is no relation between tx order and fee.


It seems to be a problem that API can set fee less than the minimum fee.

The API that can set fee less than the minimum fee seems to be a problem.

Is there any usage of settxfee that I do not know about?

Or how can i solve this problem?

Please provide feedback.

Thank you.
asked Jan 25, 2018 by Jeon

1 Answer

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The minimum fee is denominated in units per kilobyte of transaction, not a hard minimum. So in the scenario you give, 0.00372 is a correct fee for a 372 byte transaction.
answered Jan 25, 2018 by MultiChain
Thank you for fast feedback.

What is the exact purpose of the minimum fee (relayfee)?
It allows you to create scarcity for transactions, which is an important way to prevent spam (many pointless transactions which fill up blocks) if you're running a network in which spam is a threat.