I have a question about target-block-time.

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Below is some of the parameters.

target-block-time = 180

pow-minimum-bits = 22

target-adjust-freq = 86400


I am mining with one node and Below is the average time per 480 blocks.

No. BlockAverage time
1~4800min 45sec
481~9602min 24sec
961~14403min 4sec
1441~19203min 3sec
1921~24002min 55sec
2401~28800min 48sec
2881~33602min 48sec
3361~38400min 52sec

As you can see, the average time to 2400 is normal, 

but the average time between 2401 ~ 2880 and 3361 ~ 3840 is too fast.

I did not add nodes and did not other tasks.

Why does this happen?

asked Nov 21, 2017 by Jeon

1 Answer

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This could happen if some of your nodes are running on hardware whose performance can change over time, e.g. because they're on a cloud instance which is sharing CPU with other instances, or there are other processes competing for CPU within the same operating system environment. How many nodes are you running?
answered Nov 22, 2017 by MultiChain
Thanks for the quick answer.

The total number of nodes is one, and one is mine.
OK, and can you tell us something about the host environment on which it is running?