How can I change the standard passwork through start-up script?

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for demo purposes, I need to package a proof of concept that uses multichain. I have to use vagrant for an easy setup. if I read it correctly I can change the default network port and the default RPC port at the create stage.

The problem is that the wrapper that I use also needs the RPC user and the RPC password. The user seems to stay the same every time, but the password changes.

Is there is a way to keep configure the password just like the RPC port?

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asked Jul 26, 2017 by Rachelle

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the password is for the RPC JSON API and is stored in multichain.conf.

You wont be able to connect without a password in the first place in order to change the password.

If your wrapper is a JSON-RPC wrapper then the answer is no. You would have to do this yourself, on the node by changing the file.


answered Jul 26, 2017 by MaSsv