Why I need to stop & start multichain to activate walletnotify script?

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Hi Team,

Firstly I mentioned walletnotify parameter in multichain.conf file. I stop & start the chain. Its working fine. But when I am coming after some time from "ps -ef|grep chain" command I can find the daemon is still running but the script is not working. I need to again stop & start the chain to activate the same.

I also tried with walletnotify as runtime blockchain parameter but I am facing the same issue.

What is the reason behind this & how to solve the same because as far I know chain start can not be possible with REST API calls. We need to manually up the same.
asked Sep 10, 2018 by adgupta

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Can you please confirm which version of MultiChain you are using? And also that you are sure new transactions are coming into the wallet, but the walletnotify script is not being executed? You can check this using the txcount field of the response to getwalletinfo.

answered Sep 12, 2018 by MultiChain
We are using Multichain 2.0 alpha 4.Yes I am sure we are publishing in a stream..The dat is being published without execuring the script.
If we stop and start the chain again then previos transactions script get executed.