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hello! I would like to know what are the best practices in using this? I would like to create a simple Information System. Here is the flow: Every registered user will have there own wallet address containing their name and when accessing their data through the web app it will need their key to display their personal info. Also what is the equivalent of stream, keys(when publishing) when it comes to database. Thank you!
asked Jul 12, 2022 by eskiesirius

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If you want to make the data readable only with a private key, and each user does not have their own node, you would need to encrypt the data before publishing it on the chain.

In terms of the parallel with databases, you can think of each stream as like a database table. And each key (in the sense of a stream item key) represents one way in which you may want to efficiently retrieve that data in future.
answered Jul 13, 2022 by MultiChain
I already have the logic for encryption and as for the database, thank you for the idea.