Using public key to get reading access

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I want to build up a demo service with multichain enterprise demo where party A with knot A puts data into a stream. A second party B wants to read this data.

My intention was to make party A send the public key for this this stream to party B so party B can get reading access. At "Getting Startet" it is discribed that party A always has to grant access via "grant 1...". Is it possible to skip this step by using the public key? For my use case this a big problem.

In short a little overview:

1) Party A puts data into Stream.

2) Party A takes public key of the stream and sends it to party B (via mail or another service)

3) Party B uses the public key to decode the data on the stream and read it. This way party A does not have to grant reading access by using "grant 1..."


Thanks a lot!
asked Nov 11, 2020 by anonymous

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You could certainly do this with streams, but you would use an external encryption mechanism. Basically, encrypt the data using the key in your application (perhaps using openssl) then publish the encrypted binary blob to the stream. On the other end, your application could decrypt using the same key that it obtained via mail or whatever.

answered Nov 11, 2020 by MultiChain