Stream confidentiality in windows and no xxd

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I 'm on the Stream confidentiality tutorial and I'm doing this on Windows. 

Halfway I ought to build key and transform in hex:

pubkeyhex=$(openssl rsa -pubout -in ~/.multichain/chain1/stream-privkeys/1KjHqTbB5xJHDopiPwW4mqVfNJwJxDRMpdGHEG.pem | xxd -p -c 9999)

I managed to find openssl on windows and built the public and private keys, but now I have two problems:

1. I do not have xxd on windows. I tested 5-6 different programs but none output data in format that I need.

2. How I can load the data on the cli instruction ? I tried with the shell variable (like in unix) but seems not work, not sure if it depends from a different hex format.

At this point, maybe I would resolve all of this using a python program but I need directions, I managed to get the api, but where I can found examples for transaction building ? I would like to slice a big big file in 64 megabytes slices then get it on the destination node and rebuild.


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The stream confidentiality tutorial is very specific to Linux and it would require extensive translation to make it compatible with Windows. But... the xxd command here is just converting binary data to its hexadecimal format, and there must be some equivalent on Windows. And you might find this page helpful to understand how to set and insert the values in shell variables:

answered May 8, 2017 by MultiChain