Stream confidentiality without duplicating items in stream

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I read about How to selectively reveal data on a blockchain as mentioned in  

Lets say I have n nodes , I want to node1 to publish item which can be revealed to m nodes (not n-m nodes).

" For each participant who should see a piece of data, a stream entry is created which contains that data’s secret password, encrypted using that participant’s public key."

node1 needs to publish same secret password encrypted n times to stream.

Is my understanding correct?

I know you are working on MultiChain 2.0 which might have this feature 

asked Feb 21, 2018 by AKM

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Yes, your understanding is correct. The item itself is only encrypted and published once. Each user who is meant to see the item is provided with the encryption password, in a way that only they can read.
answered Feb 22, 2018 by MultiChain