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I use the rescan runtime parameter like this:

multichaind chain3 -daemon -autosubscribe=assets,streams –rescan

am I right? or I need to use -rescan= 1?
asked Feb 25, 2017 by chad

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Yes, it should be -rescan=1 to rescan the blockchain for transactions relevant to the wallet.

answered Feb 26, 2017 by MultiChain
I run the chain node by the following command:
multichaind chain4 -daemon -autosubscribe=assets,streams –rescan=1

but when I check it with command getruntimeparams, I see

    "port" : 5771,
    "reindex" : false,
    "rescan" : false,

Based on what you pasted, it looks like you used a strange type of hyphen before the rescan command. This is possibly because you copied it from this forum. Please try this instead:

multichaind chain4 -daemon -autosubscribe=assets,streams -rescan=1
yes, it works! thanks