importaddress with rescan

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I ran the command one a new node: importaddress 1QVnD5amQ9EXdb2gcrTNPGwSp1o4Q68yoRGLzk '' false

In this case, the transactions associated with 1QVnD5amQ9EXdb2gcrTNPGwSp1o4Q68yoRGLzk  is not updated in this node.

Then I want to update the transactions, so I ran

importaddress 1QVnD5amQ9EXdb2gcrTNPGwSp1o4Q68yoRGLzk '' true

but it did not work. how can i fix this?
asked Feb 25, 2017 by chad

1 Answer

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Either import another address with true for the rescan parameter (it can be the chain's burnaddress given by getinfo, for example). This will also rescan transactions for the other addresses added.

Or stop MultiChain and re-run it with -rescan=1 on the command line.

answered Feb 26, 2017 by MultiChain