Short selling of a future like asset

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Hey there!

We are currently investigating if Mutlichain would be suitable for our current project. As this project involves the transfer of future like assets that are bound for physical delivery, there is essentially the need to create an asset which, when summing up all transactions, equals ZERO.

Why? Because physical assets cannot be created out of thin air and the amount of assets available for any given future month cannot be determined, specified and fixed beforehand.

We went through the Mutlichain documentation already and a currently unsure whether or not such a scenario would be possible.

Thank you for your assistance and please let me know in case you require additional details.
asked Feb 23, 2017 by XIPPIOS

1 Answer

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It's not currently possible to have negative amounts for MultiChain assets, so you would have to handle this by creating two asset types - one for positive and one for negative - in the same quantity.
answered Feb 24, 2017 by MultiChain