Meaning of n[2] vout in "issuefirst" type of transaction

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Hi, i'm trying to understand raw transaction.

For example we have such tx:

It is issuing new asset XFCPRMALINOV

n[0] vout contains new issuance quantity metadata before OP_DROP and stuff;

n[1] vout contains name of new asset before OP_DROP and stuff;

Its pretty clear. But..

What is vout n[2] for? It is utxo for some address without any value in native coin. How the address mentioned in this vout interacts with newly created asset if it does?

asked Aug 3, 2022 by Tester
reshown Aug 3, 2022

1 Answer

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This is just an empty change address, sending a UTXO back to the issuing address for their next transaction. Every transaction consumes at least UTXO, so every MultiChain operation that sends a transaction automatically creates an empty change output (unless you use the createrawtransaction command).

answered Aug 3, 2022 by MultiChain