Meaning of n[2] vout in "issuefirst" type of transaction

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Hi, i'm trying to understand raw transaction.

For example we have such tx:

It is issuing new asset XFCPRMALINOV

n[0] vout contains new issuance quantity metadata before OP_DROP and stuff;

n[1] vout contains name of new asset before OP_DROP and stuff;

Its pretty clear. But..

What is vout n[2] for? It is utxo for some address without any value in native coin. How the address mentioned in this vout interacts with newly created asset if it does?

asked Aug 3 by Tester
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This is just an empty change address, sending a UTXO back to the issuing address for their next transaction. Every transaction consumes at least UTXO, so every MultiChain operation that sends a transaction automatically creates an empty change output (unless you use the createrawtransaction command).

answered Aug 3 by MultiChain