Explanation on the meaning of some fields in a transaction

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I would like to confirm the meaning of some of the fields In a "getaddresstransaction" output. For example,

  1. "valid : how does multichain determine if a transaction is valid? are invalid transactions stored on the blockchain too?
  2. "time": assume that this field means the time when the transaction becomes valid? is it based on number of confirmations? 
Thank you for all help and clarifications!
asked Oct 27, 2016 by SC

1 Answer

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The valid field is generally true, unless there is another transaction that conflicts with this one that was confirmed on the blockchain. In that case, the transaction which "list" is not removed from the wallet (indeed, it may have been sent from this node) but is shown with valid=false. This should only happen if (a) someone is deliberately trying to send conflicting transactions, (b) you have shared private keys between multiple nodes and they are both trying to spend the same transaction outputs at the same time.

The time field shows when the transaction was added to the wallet, i.e. when it was first seen by this node. This contrasts with the blocktime which is the timestamp of the block in which the transaction was confirmed.

answered Oct 27, 2016 by MultiChain