The value of Vout in my decoderaw transaction result is different from the size I entered in getwallet transaction

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"value" : 2999999998.99998,
  "n" : 1,


    "amount" : -1,
    "fee" : -0.000022,
    "confirmations" : 11,

The real result of decoderaw transaction should be 29999998.99999978, which shows only 2999999998.9999998.
asked Jan 3, 2019 by anonymous

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You're bumping up here against the limits of JSON's precision for representing floating point numbers. In this case you may want to consider using a transaction decoding library on the application side (any bitcoin transaction decoding library should work), and extracting the 64-bit raw integer quantities directly.
answered Jan 3, 2019 by MultiChain