"listassets" does not work from multichain-web-demo

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I am in the "get started" phase and have installed Multichain on Windows 10 from  http://www.multichain.com/download/multichain-windows-1.0-alpha-28.zip and the multichain-web-demo from https://github.com/MultiChain/multichain-web-demo.

All commands work fine from the command promt, including the "listassets" command - it shows the six assets I have created so far. But the "listassets" command does not work from the multichain-web-demo. It is used on the "Create Offer" tab to get the list of potential "ask assets". The call returns no entries, instead I see "Error: HTTP 200" on the "Create Offer" screen and the "Ask asset" drop down list is empty and so I cannot create an offer from the multichain-web-demo. Creating and accepting offers from command line works fine, only problem is the "listassets" call from the multichain-web-demo. All other calls from multichain-web-demo also seem to work.

Any ideas what's wrong here or how I can find out the root cause of this problem? Is there (debug) logging and tracing available for the multichain?

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asked Feb 17, 2017 by Lars

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Thanks for reporting this, it's certainly surprising if listassets works from the command line, and other commands work fine from the web demo. Even stranger, 200 is actually the code for success in the HTTP protocol.

The best first step to try to understand this is to uncomment the two lines containing <PRE> in functions.php in the Web Demo code. That will output the JSON-RPC request and response in the web page.

answered Feb 17, 2017 by MultiChain
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The solution reported by the user (outside of this Q&A) was related to character encoding. The asset names contained non-ASCII characters that were not encoded in the UTF-8 expected by the Web Demo.
answered Feb 18, 2017 by MultiChain