Multichain Demo not working for me, It loads but none of my nodes load

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I saw a similar question asked here, I looked at the answers and was not able to get my web-demo working from looking at the answers from the other question.


Essentially I have a bare bones build of Multichain, and wish to get the Multichain demo working.


Currently the demo loads, but has an error retrieving the names of nodes:


Choose an available node to get started:

$rpc) if (isset($rpc['rpchost'])) echo '

'; ?>


You can view it here:


I looked at the php logs and could not see any errors.  I am sure its something small and silly, can anyone advise please

asked May 28, 2017 by jward01

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Your web server is delivering the PHP source code to web browsers which means it has not yet been configured properly to support PHP.
answered May 28, 2017 by MultiChain
Thanks for your answer and pointing me in the right direction.  When I visited my URL just now it showed the PHP source code on the entire page, and did not render any CSS/HTML.  Previously (when i first posted the question) my webpage did load, the HTML/CSS and the only part that appeared to be broken was the raw PHP code I placed above.

I am new to PHP, I am a .NET/Java/JavaScript programmer mainly.  Do you have any suggestions of how I can fix my multichain-web-demo? Can you point me in the right direction more than you already have?

Thanks for the input! I appreciate it!
By the way, I installed the Multichain explorer on my node and it works fine.  See here:

Do you still think the problem is the PHP configuration on my server?
Yes, most probably. It's a bit out of our scope to tell you how to configure PHP but there's ton of online documentation about it.
Fantastic! That fixed it thank you