clarification on inline metadata

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According to the description, "...outputs containing inline metadata will not be selected for spending unless the lockinlinemetadata runtime parameter is set to false. Outputs containing inline metadata can still be spent explicitly using the createrawtransaction or appendrawtransaction commands..."

Does this means lockinlinemetadata has to be disabled before one can spend explicitly using createrawtransaction? Or It is possible to still spend using createrawtransaction without disabling locklinemetadata? If the latter is true, is there an example on how this can be done?

asked Aug 1, 2021 by anonymous

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Yes, you can still spend outputs containing inline metadata explicitly using createrawtransaction, whatever the value of the lockinlinemetadata runtime parameter. For this you would use createrawtransaction in the normal way, there's no difference because the inputs contain inline metadata.

answered Aug 1, 2021 by MultiChain
Hi, thanks for the earlier response. I have verified that the inline metadata output can only be spent using createrawtransaction.