Store information related to an address

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I would like to know what's the correct approach to store user information related to an address on the blockchain. I want to have one address per user and if it is possible store the user's id with the address. I am not sure if this is ok or if there is another way of achieving the same. I appreciate your help.
asked Nov 29, 2016 by Alexander Pertoss

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You should use a stream for this, where each item provides information about a particular address.

If you want each address to be able to publish its own entry, make the stream open, and then retrieve data by publisher (liststreampublisheritems).

If you want only trusted parties to write entries, make the stream closed and grant write permissions to those trusted parties, put the address in the key of each published entry, then retrieve data by key (liststreamkeyitems).

answered Nov 29, 2016 by MultiChain