how to assign readable label to an address

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Hi , I have 2 nodes running and connected to chain1. each node has multiple address. address from one node want to communicate with address of another node. As it is private blockchain , I am building an UI interface , where one node can data to other by selecting them in dropdown. but how will someone know who is this address (adhjsd632892332bd328298382). Can I assign a label to a node or any address belongining to a node ?
asked Sep 21, 2018 by AMAR

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You can use a stream for this. Each address holder can publish their label in a stream item, where the label is put in the stream item key (rather than its data). You can then look up address -> label using liststreampublisheritems (getting the most recent one) and look up label -> address using liststreamkeyitems (note that multiple users may have chosen the same label, and you need to decide a policy about that).

answered Sep 24, 2018 by MultiChain