Add balance to a especific address using smart filters

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Hello MC Team

I am developing a basic  prototype that simulates a loan , there are 2 parties in this particular scenario , 1) the lender , 2) the borrower  . Once a lender has given an ammount of assets (USD) to the borrower , the first one must receive an interest in a predefined basis, for instance 30 days since the funds was lended , any idea for solving this using smart filters? I was checking this case  using a smart contract plattform , but I am still wondering if Multichain is able to do the same using filters or any piece of code.

Thanks in advance

asked Jan 9, 2021 by davotrade

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I'm afraid you can't use smart filters to initiate actions in this way. Also should be aware that, in general, the problem with this use case is: what happens if the borrower doesn't have the funds at the right time?
answered Jan 10, 2021 by MultiChain