There is questions about smart filters.

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This is a company called doubchain who has platform partners with your company.
There are a lot of questions about multichain2.0 version.

In particular, there are questions about smart filters.

I know when the smart filters(like "smart contract") is open on MultiChain2.0 in August.
There is questions about smart filters.

    1. Was the decision to release in August?
    2. I wonder if there is any possibility of being delayed.
    3. Can you tell us about the merits or characteristics of Smart Filters compared to  Smart Contract of Ethereum?
I look forward to hearing form you.
asked Jul 2, 2018 by kim

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Smart Filters are the last major feature to be developed for MultiChain 2.0 Community, and are scheduled to be available in late summer (hopefully September). Of course, this is software development, so things can be delayed, but so far we are progressing well.

You can find some details of the Smart Filters design in this page:

We hope to publish an in-depth comparison of smart contracts vs smart features together with releasing the feature. But the core difference is that smart filters act to validate individual transaction or stream items, to determine whether or not they can go on the chain. By contrast smart contracts are code embedded in a chain which responds to transactions after they are there. So smart filters are applied earlier in the transaction life cycle.
answered Jul 3, 2018 by MultiChain