Possible via smart filters to give permissions to mine based on native currency balance?

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If user holds X amount of native currency, mining permissions is given, otherwise mining permissions is revoked automatically...I can do this manually, but thinking it could be made automatic via smart filters?...
asked Dec 18, 2018 by mark

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You can't quite use smart filters to initiate transactions in this way. But you could set things up so that mining permissions are always granted for a limited number of blocks, perhaps a week's worth, and that in order to be granted such permissions, an address needs to prove it has a certain balance of the native currency in the same transaction's inputs. A smart filter could be used to apply all these rules.

The alternative would be to add a new MultiChain feature which requires a certain minimum native currency balance (or ranking of balance could be better, to prevent a situation where no miners qualify) in order to allow an address to perform mining. Please get in touch if this may be relevant for you.
answered Dec 18, 2018 by MultiChain