Guidance to create smart filters on cold

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We are properly protecting admin key, cold signing permission management. But now are needing to create filters that have to be done by admin addresses. Can you please provide steps to do that using the cold node?

Thanks in Advance.
asked Nov 11, 2019 by germat

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In general you can use the createrawsendfrom pattern to create an unsigned transaction, that is to be signed externally in some other place. If you run help data-all you'll see the right form to use for creating a filter. Here's a command-line example for a transaction filter that rejects everything:

createrawsendfrom 1RoKAUbjsr6sfcMLLeHsPeLLTXKTv2wp4oap49 '{}' '[{"create":"txfilter","name":"filter1","code":"function filtertransaction() { return \"reject all\"; }"}]'

In the help data-all message you can also see how to build transactions with filter approvals.

answered Nov 11, 2019 by MultiChain