Cold nodes and importaddress

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I understand that if I do not want to store private keys in each wallet's node, I can centrally generate address in a cold node then import it in one node by using importaddress command. The public key will be imported, the private one can be given to the user's address owner and he can use it to sign raw-transactions before sending them.

But the APIs documentation indicates that the importaddress command make the address as "watch-only" in the node.

So, if the address is "watch-only" and cannot spend funds in the node, how can it perform raw-transactions on the node ?

Thank you for your reply.

asked Jun 1, 2018 by g.denaro

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A watch-only address can still be used to build transactions, in particular using the createrawsendfrom API. It's just not possible to spend funds of a watch-only address in a single API call such as sendfrom, because the signature has to take place separately. Please see this detailed tutorial for more information:

answered Jun 4, 2018 by MultiChain
selected Jun 5, 2018 by g.denaro