Getting Started with MultiChain

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Hi Team, 

I am working through the tutorial. I am on step 6 Advanced Streams. I am stuck publishing some data to the stream. What server is this command supposed to entered into and what is error code: -8 and is this something I can resolve? Thank you for the help. 

First Server: 

chain1: publish stream1 key3 '{"cache":"M2332Z7rizm"}' offchain
error: couldn't connect to server

Second Server:

chain1: publish stream1 key3 '{"cache":"M2332Z7rizm"}' offchain

error code: -8
error message:
Binary cache item with this identifier not found

asked Nov 1, 2020 by Cameron
Can you please tell us what version of MultiChain you are using?

Was the first server responding before you issued the publish command?
I am using 2.1 I believe.

Yes the first server was responsive. Both are on EC2 I can see its healthy and I can get to the server via another ssh. I also exit out of the chain1 interactive mode and restarted the original ssh. Thank you for the help on this.

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Thanks for responding in the comment. The issue here is connectivity to the first node, rather than something specific about publishing offchain. The binary cache is local to that node, so you wouldn't expect to be able to run that command from the second node. The question is why the first node cannot respond to your command – it could be because it stopped, or because you're sending the command from an IP address that it won't respond to.
answered Nov 1, 2020 by MultiChain