Can i have some raw information about MultiChain?

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Hi! I'm sorry but I couldn't find what I'm looking for in simple sight.

I'm a student and employee of a security-oriented company that is looking for implementing BlockChain in some of their areas. I just started reading about all of this a week ago, so I'm not very experienced, but after some reading, i reached to this site.

My question straightforward is if someone of you could explain to me what exactly multichain offers if I can add blocks via multichain to the big bitcoin blockchain network? Or they have their separate blockchain network? And where I can learn how I can implement this? As a student of computer engineering I have some skills, but still, I couldn't find a place or tutorial that can give me a walkthrough of this.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad English, I'm from Argentina.


Again, I will truly appreciate any sort of help provided. Thanks again!
asked May 5, 2017 by Roman

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MultiChain is designed to enable you to create your own separate blockchain network, separate from the bitcoin blockchain (although it can still be used to connect to bitcoin's network, there's not much point in that). As a starting point, we recommend following this guide:
answered May 7, 2017 by MultiChain