Multichain Address generation library

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Is there an open source libarary (in any language- although swift or JS would be ideal) that generates valid multichain addresses + private keys without having to use getnewaddress?
asked Jun 16, 2016 by anonymous

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Yea, there are a number of javascript libraries you can use to generate bitcoin addresses which you can use with multichain configured to utilise bitcoin style addresses rather than a multichain native address.  I've used both and to generate keys and addresses.


answered Jun 17, 2016 by marty
Thanks a lot. I want to add more explanation for "using bitcoin style addresses". Hope it helps people.
refer here.
You need modify the params.dat file. It’s usually in the path. ~/.multichain/chainName/params.dat.
The bitcoin wallet will choke on MultiChain addresses, so you should also configure the chain to use bitcoin-style addresses by setting address-pubkeyhash-version=00, address-scripthash-version=05, private-key-version=80, address-checksum-value=00000000 in the blockchain parameters.