Points system with MultiChain

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I am going to introduce MultiChain into current site points system.

When user register or win in some game, then user can receive points, and later can use that points for shopping in site.

In this case, can I use MultiChain for points system ?

If I install a MultiChain server on ubuntu linux server, and based on user, create wallet address, and based on users' action, issue assets, and when user use points for shopping, then receive user's asset, will work like this.

Is this possible with MultiChain ?

asked Feb 24, 2020 by moriend1976

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Yes, this does sound possible. But if you are only using a single MultiChain node, you won't get any benefit over using a regular database for the same purpose.
answered Feb 24, 2020 by MultiChain
If that so, how can I use several MultiChain node for points system ?
Are there any sample solution or workflow like that, several nodes for points system ?
Do you have an idea of who will be running these nodes?
If several companies run these nodes, and use multichain nodes for points system ?
So all of them can earn and use, share points between them.
How about this?
In this case, what risk can be ?

And one more.
If create some plugin that can easily integrate points system to each sites, then ?
In this case it sounds fine. You need to carefully consider which nodes will be "miners" (validators) on the network, because they are in charge of consensus.

You should have no problem creating a plug-in between your website and the MultiChain node, because MultiChain has a simple JSON-RPC API that can be connected to from any modern programming language.