Some questions about to create a points system

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Hi, MultiChain team,

If I design to make a reward points system, I have many questions:

1. I just create a new asset on the admin node with unlimited units(can I do it or just create a certain amount of points ,then add more late?) 

2. Can I batch to create many clients first than backup all of the private keys for "Disaster Recovery"? how to do it?

3.After the first step(admin node)sent different units to different clients, all client can do simple transaction such as sent units to different clients, is it just use one signle blockchain is OK? 

4.If some client misoperate sent some unit to other client, can we have any function to take the units back?



asked May 8, 2018 by little7tiger

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Let me answer the questions in turn.

1) You can't create an asset with unlimited units but you can create an open asset than can have more units issued many times in future, by certain parties (by default, whoever created the asset).

2) There are various APIs that can help you here – backupwallet, dumpprivkey and dumpwallet.

3) Yes clients can send units to each other once they have them.

4) The admin cannot explicitly take the units back (since they are locked under the private key of the client). But the admin can revoke send and/or receive permissions from a client, in which case the client can no longer transact in the assets.

answered May 9, 2018 by MultiChain