Can i use multichain signature to create a non repudiation system in sending-receiving messages?

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Hi, i am studying just now multichain. I saw there are a lot of features and i think that i should be able, if i go more in deep, using multichain to create a real time non repudiation system in receiving messages (and in senging too). Could you give me some suggestions about functionalities that i could explore and use? Thanks
asked Jan 11, 2019 by MS

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Yes, you should use streams for this. Each message to be sent with non-repudiation can simply be published as a stream item. To have non-repudiation of reading, use a second stream in which readers publish a stream item saying that they read the earlier item. The easiest way for this "read event" to reference the previous "write event" is by the txid of its stream item, so it can use this txid as the key for the item it publishes.
answered Jan 11, 2019 by MultiChain