Is it possible to create two nodes on a single system?

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Hi.. I tried to create nodes for multichain on single machine. During creation of second node i am getting error like this- Probably multichained for block chain is already runnning. Exiting...

I tried with -datadir also

Please explain how one could create nodes on single machine.
asked Jun 7, 2018 by anonymous

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You can have 2 nodes running on the same machine. The basic idea is to create a second directory and run multichain from there as a second node. So once you create the 2nd directory with the name, for example, multichain2nd go inside the directory and execute the command: 

multichaind -datadir=<your_path_to_multichain2nd_directory> -port=10255 -rpcport=10254 chain0 -daemon

This example resumes that you chain name is chain0.

From there you have to set permissions and so on...

I have posted an article on Dzone for this. A how-to guide for 2 nodes on the same windows machine.


Just found that it has already been answered before :)

answered Jun 7, 2018 by kgiannis