Is there any other way for creating two nodes on the same machine?

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Hi.. I referred this link and tried to create nodes on Ubuntu 16.04 machine.

I am getting below error. Please guide how to solve this.

$multichaind -datadir=.multichain-other -port=10255 -rpcport=10254 multichaind blk1@

MultiChain Core Daemon build 1.0 alpha 21 protocol 10005

ERROR: Parameter set for blockchain multichaind is not complete.

If you want to create new blockchain please run one of the following:

  multichain-util create multichaind
  multichain-util clone <old-blockchain-name> multichaind

And rerun multichaind multichaind
asked Jun 7, 2018 by anonymous

1 Answer

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There is an error on the command you typed:

$multichaind -datadir=.multichain-other -port=10255 -rpcport=10254 multichaind blk1@

I suppose that the name of the chain you created is blk1

So the correct command would be:

$multichaind -datadir=.multichain-other -port=10255 -rpcport=10254 blk1@

(remove multichaind after -rpcport=10254)

Hope that helps :)

answered Jun 8, 2018 by kgiannis