How much blockchains can we create?

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How many blockchains can be created on multichains? If a company is offering multi-chain based product to other companies? Will that company be able to see their data? If not the how we can do that? Thanks


asked Sep 24, 2019 by haroonsaeed

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There is no limit to how many MultiChain blockchains you can create. The nodes for each blockchain run in a separate process on the computer. The data on each blockchain is only visible to participants in that chain, and we do not see any of your data.

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answered Sep 24, 2019 by MultiChain 1 flag
Yes, answer satisfies somehow. I, as a node can create a blockchain for me and another organization? or only service providers can create the blockchain?
Anyone can create a blockchain with MultiChain, but you need to persuade other people to join it.