Multiple Blockchains - common public-key-hash

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Hi, in your whitepaper you have mentioned the creation of multiple Blockchains. But in the current model though they share a common node, all them will have a different public-key-hash.

can you share your thoughts on this:

- should they have different public-key-hash'es though they are on the same node?

- since each BC is in a self-encapsulated directory does this break the design

- is this a feature for a future version and is in the roadmap

asked Nov 16, 2015 by senthil

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You certainly can have shared private/public keys/address between multiple blockchains. First you should ensure when creating the second (or subsequent) chain that the following blockchain parameters match those in the first chain: address-pubkeyhash-version, address-scripthash-version, private-key-version and address-checksum-value. You need to set these of course before starting the chain.

Then you can use the dumpprivkey and importprivkey commands to extract private keys from a node on one chain and then import them into a node on another chain. You will then have the same address usable on multiple chains, and it will also have the same private key.

answered Nov 16, 2015 by MultiChain