interoperatibiltiy between community/enterprise chains

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we are struggling at a point,


can two  or more different Multichains, interact with each other,

Chain one is ABC and having multiple instances

Second chain DEF having multiple instances,

Third GHI is also having multiple nodes


All have a different business nature,

ABC is a financial asset platform,

DEF is more towards the Supply chain

GHI is using more services towards hashing off-chain documents and storing the hash on the chain,


can these three interact in terms of asset transfer and metadata messages, with each other and scale up the network
asked Jul 14, 2019 by Brijesh

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You cannot transfer assets directly between different blockchains, without using a trusted party in the middle. This trusted party would accept hold assets on one blockchain and then issue a new asset on another blockchain to represent the assets it is holding.

As for metadata, you can certainly embed metadata retrieved from one blockchain in the metadata of transactions embedded in another. This can include signed messages that are stored in one chain, and act as attestations or proofs on another. For these cases we would recommend that the chains share the same address space, i.e. use the same values for these blockchain parameters:


answered Jul 15, 2019 by MultiChain