how does mining happen in Multichain when private blockchain network is used

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I have already read "Avoiding the pointless blockchain project" , and i want to use private blockchain network as a shared ledger kind of thing.

Use case i have is,  different users(registers into block chain and then) participate and exchange info related different parties. transactions in this block chain would be exchange of info between parties of a user. So once i send a transaction to blockchain network, who actually mines these transactions? does this automatically happen in multichain?

I am a new bee into block chain domain, please help me understand this.
asked Feb 12, 2016 by PassionDrivez

1 Answer

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You can decide how to set up mining, but in general you would give mining permissions to a number of nodes, and then set the mining diversity to some appropriate parameter to ensure that the consensus cannot be taken over by one node, or a small number of those nodes. For more information I recommend the white paper.

answered Feb 12, 2016 by MultiChain