Block Size x TPS in Multichain

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I am working in a project where I would like to check relation between Block Size and TPS.

I checked that by default Multichain does not use PoW and consequently the change of the Block Size don't impact directly the performance (TPS)

What should I do to increase the mining time?

I am using the follwing parameter in param.dat

anyone-can-mine = true
mining-diversity = 0.3
pow-minimum-bits = 16
target-adjust-freq = 30

I have created 8 different chains with different maximum block size in each one.

maximum-block-size = 1000000 

maximum-block-size = 8000000
All of the chains has exactly the same TPS.
In my tests I am executing a python script where I am sending 10000 assets from one wallet to another one by one

for i in range(0, 10000):

 createTransaction = os.popen('multichain-cli chainTest04 sendassettoaddress 17PVESpRkr4C1ZTT2mpgutDmydKdwt9TTYkpE3 Coin 1').read()

asked Aug 25, 2019 by Anderson

1 Answer

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In general the maximum block size will not affect the transaction throughput, unless you start going to extreme values that negatively affect performance.

This is not related to whether the chain proof-of-work or not (since the PoW is only performed on a block header, not its full contents).
answered Aug 25, 2019 by MultiChain