options to store large file stored in block chain and what is the max size

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Hi All,

I had couple of question regarding the file store in multichain.

1. What is the max size we can store in the blockchain. ?

2. how is the large file [images , video files ]stored in the blockchain nodes ?

3.is there any limit on number of files i can use in one transaction ?

asked Sep 15, 2017 by skashyap007

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If you configure the blockchain parameters appropriately, you can store up to 64 MB of data in a single transaction or stream item. Larger pieces of data will need to be partitioned at the application level to fit within this limit.

All data on the blockchain is stored in a proprietary format inside the blocks subdirectory of your blockchain directory.

If you're happy combining files at the application level into a single stream item, there's no limit to how many files you can combine, so long as the total data size is within 64 MB.

answered Sep 16, 2017 by MultiChain