Stream Confidentiality for PDF etc.

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I did the instruction for Linux.

Unfortunately, this method is only suitable for text files (txt), but I need it format independent.

So, now my question is, how can I send/encrypt other formats like PDF oder MS Word (docx) with this instruction in Linux?
And is there although a possibility to do the same in Windows 8 ?

Thanks in advance for your answer!
asked Aug 9 by M.Maier

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You can apply this method with any file, not just a text file. But you would probably need to complete the steps using the API instead of the command line, because you'll hit various limits for command line lengths. Nonetheless the principles are the same.

You can also do this using MultiChain for Windows, using the API in the same way.
answered Aug 9 by MultiChain
Which API do you mean exactly? Encryption API or a format converting API or...?
And where do I have to adjust it here :
Or do you mean that I have to develop an own program in order to apply your suggestions?
Yes, exactly. The example is designed for short pieces of data - for large pieces of data you would need to convert this to your own code instead of using the command line.

Your alternative is to use MultiChain Enterprise (free demo available) which has a much simpler mechanism for handling data confidentiality on the blockchain.