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Hello Multichain,

I have a query in  which I want to pause asset transfer conditionally. I see there is a pause and resume commands in the API. Just wanted to clarify weather these can be used to pause and resume transfer of assets from one  address to another?

PS: a short code snippet would be useful...
asked May 10, 2019 by Prashant Bhat

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There's not really a notion of pausing asset transfers in a blockchain – once a transaction is broadcast by a node, it is processed by the entire network. MultiChain's pause and resume APIs will not help with this.

Could you think about your needs in a different way, e.g. using a multisignature address to lock assets under two signatures, or having some kind of approval granted by a particular address in order to allow another address to transact, enforced by a smart filter. If you want to provide more information we might have a concrete idea.

answered May 12, 2019 by MultiChain
Dear Multichain,

Is this possible through streams. Basically we are creating the concept of grey market in blockchain.  On asset transfer by a purticular address the asset is not transferred  to that address , on the contrary it is transferred to a default address with all permissions in it . This address is created  when the chain is first started.
our idea is that the destination address should request the  asset by means of a trigger (can be a call or request)   then a verification should take place  weather the  node requesting the asset is really whom the asset is meant to be transferred. the transfer details are stored in the details section of the asset  . Once the verification is complete  transfer of asset can be done.

Please let us know.

Yes, you can do this with transaction filters. The filter rule would be that a transfer from the default address to any destination address must be accompanied by some metadata, and this metadata must prove that the transfer is legitimate.

You could use metadata in JSON format, which is then easy for the transaction filter to examine.

This metadata can be part of a stream if you want that, or it can be outside of a stream - it depends on whether you want it available for easy retrieval later on.