How to transfer asset from one BlockChain to another?

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I have created Two block chains and also created asset into both the chains. I want to transfer some asset quantity from one block chain to another.
Please suggest some Json-RPC command or steps for do this thing.
Thank you in advance.
asked Dec 15, 2016 by ankitjain7133

1 Answer

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In general it's not possible to transfer assets across blockchains in the way that you want, because there is no way for one blockchain to verify what happened on another one.
answered Dec 15, 2016 by MultiChain
then how can we transfer the Bitcoins?
You cannot transfer bitcoins to a MultiChain blockchain.
I am talking about the asset. By mistake write the Bitcoins. Can we deduct the asset using any command?
If we can not transfer Bitcoins then what we use for the transaction?
I'm still not sure what you're exactly asking, but in general you cannot transfer assets or cryptocurrencies between blockchains.
I want to create one demo using the Block Chain. There are 3 Parties/Users in the demo. I want to do transaction between that 3 Parties/Users.
For example from 2 Parties/Users the some amount or quantities asset transfer into one Party/User.
How can I achieve this scenario ? Can you please help me out?
Have you tried working through the 'Getting Started' tutorial? This sounds like a fairly standard case of transferring assets between addresses.