Premine all coins and set mining rewards as transaction fees

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Hi there , I understand that the mining works on sha pow, what I was wonder how would i set it so i could premine all coins then set the mining rewards as transaction fees, ie the mining rewards are only the transaction fee, so blocks without any transactions would still be mined but obviously if there are no transactions there would be no transaction fees so the reward would be zero for that block, Im look at setting up a use case private blockchain and want to pre-mine all coins in this fashion, so i can be used for auditing , and the transactions fees as a base for the mining to see value set
asked May 2, 2019 by CryptoProphet

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Yes, you can configure a MultiChain blockchain in this way. Set the first-block-reward blockchain parameter to the quantity to be premined by the chain's creator, and initial-block-reward to zero. More information can be found here:

answered May 2, 2019 by MultiChain
Thanks mate so after that premine the only rewards for mining will be the transaction fees? correct?
Yes, exactly.